Guide DIY LG G6 Screen Replacement

Change the display on your LG G6 wholly by yourself. All you need is the LG G6 LCD Screen Assembly and some tools. Follow the instructions step by step, and you will soon be able to enjoy a working display again.

1) Turn off your phone

To get started turn off your LG G6 completely to avoid any damages during the repair. To do that hold the power button on the back of the phone until the "Power off" appears, then tap to confirm and wait until the phone is turned off completely.

2) Remove the SIM card tray

Insert the SIM Puller (found in your phone box) into the SIM tray hole on the power button side of the phone. Apply pressure to feel the SIM drawer eject by itself and then remove it.

3) Remove the back cover

To lift the back panel you will need a suction cup, a hard plastic pick, and a heat gun (a hairdryer will also work) The back panel is glued to the frame, use a heat gun to heat the outer edges of the back panel to about 60°C (140°F).

Once you heat the rear glass, place the suction cup near the bottom edge of the glass. Lift the suction cup in order to create the small gap underneath the rear glass, and insert an opening pick into that gap. Slide that pick along all the edges of the phone to slice through the adhesive securing the rear cover. Then gently lift the back cover.

4) Remove the speaker

Use Philips screwdriver to unscrew 4 x 2.7mm Philips screws that are holding the speaker. Then gently lift up the speaker and take it out of the device.

5) Remove midframe

Use the same Philips screwdriver to unscrew 7 x 2.7mm Philips screws that are holding the mid-frame. Slide thin tool into the opening and pry out the mid-frame. The mid-frame itself is clipped into the device at 4 points. Carefully release it and tea it out once it can move easily.

6) Disconnect & remove the battery

Use the spatula to disconnect the battery connector from its socket on the motherboard. Unstick the blue sticker on the battery's lower edge, and pull on the blue sticker a little harder to remove the battery (If you can't pull it out heat the display to soften the glue).

7) Remove motherboard

Take nylon spatula again to unplug two connectors on the lower side of the motherboard. Then pry out the lower side of the motherboard and unclip it on the other points where it's clipped in.

8) Prepare new display

Remove all protective stickers from the adhesive surfaces of the spare part. Compare the old and new display to see what parts you are missing. Some parts, such as the USB port or the earpiece might come pre-installed, if not you will have to install every part that is missing.

9) Remove the vibration motor

Carefully pry out the vibration motor from the old display and remove it (If it's hard to get it out heat it).

10) Remove the earpiece

Release the glued flex cable of the earpiece, and unstick the tape over the earpiece. Finally, carefully pry the earpiece out its holder and take it out of the device.

11) Remove the USB connector

Pry out the plastic board which is stuck to the USB port, and then take it out of the device.

12) Remove the audio port

Again release the flex cable of the audio port, and then pry out the audio port to take it out of the old display.

13) Insert the audio port

Place the audio port back in its holder on the new display and press it in to make it stick. For the flex cable, position it and press it on (the small hole fits over the pin in the device),

14) Insert the USB connector

If needed place the USB port back in its opening in the new display. Then press him in (you should feel a light snap)

15) Insert the earpiece

Again if needed put the earpiece back in its holder on the new display and press it in, and attach the tape on it again. Then press on the flex cable (the two holes in the cable fit on the pins in the case).

16) Insert the vibration motor

Insert the vibration motor into the display unit and press it down to make it stick in.

17) Install the motherboard

Before installing the motherboard, check if the pin of the SIM card tray is in place. If not, put it back in its opening. Now place the motherboard back into the device, slightly press it until you hear a light snap. Then just plug n the two connectors at the bottom of the motherboard.

18) Install the battery

Place a battery in the device and press it to make it stick. Make sure to leave enough space on all sides when installing the battery, and that connector is placed over its socket so you can plug it easily.

19) Install the SIM card tray

Slide your SIM card tray back into its place.

20) Connect the battery

Use your finger to press the battery connector on its socket in order to connect it.

21) Install mid-frame

Place the mid-frame back in the device and press it in firmly. Then use the Philips screwdriver to fasten the seven 2.7mm Philips screws.

22) Install the speaker

Place the speaker in the device and gently press it in. Use the same Philips screwdriver again to screw four 2.7mm Philips screws.

23) Install back glass

Place the back glass on the device and press it on. With this, you finished your LG G6 screen replacement.

Test everything

Congratulations, you changed your LG G6. Now just test a few things to make sure everything is working properly:
-Test the brightness of the display.
-Test the touchscreen, select an app, and drag it all around the display. If it is following your finger everything is fine.

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