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At Fixo we understand the importance of high-quality wholesale phone parts. Our leading technician team is dedicated to providing premium quality phone parts.

We aim to support businesses with high-quality mobile parts at a huge discounted rate. We understand that phone repairs and their parts are costly so we planned an absolute solution for repair shop owners, businesses and individuals. With our extensive range of spare phone parts we cater wholesale phone parts like Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, iPhone, Oppo, LG, Nokia and so on.

As one of Australia's top wholesale phone parts suppliers we take pride in delivering top-notch screens and other components that meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality has made us the best and effortless suppliers for many of Australia's leading mobile phone repair shops.

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Discounted Repair Shop Prices

There are many more mobile repair shops but the best selection is Fixo. Why?  Because  We are Australia's top phone parts and repair accessories supplier. At Fixo we are committed to helping you save a lot on phone repairs. We understand that you all have a financial burden when fixing smartphones. That's why we offer highly discounted prices specifically settled for repair shops. With our cost-effective solutions you can maximize your profits and attract more customers.

We Get Wholesale Phone Parts Directly from the Authorized Manufacturer

Enjoy partnering with us. It will allow you to choose top-quality phone parts at wholesale prices. We receive our products directly from trusted manufacturers. So you don't have to face middlemen. All the savings are directly yours. And then ultimately you can reduce your expenses without compromising on the quality of the parts.

Transparent Pricing and Huge Discounts

Our transparent pricing structure and huge discounts ensure you get the best value for your money. You may need screens, batteries, connectors or many other components. We have a large range to cater to you. As Fixo we also maintain an inventory that can cover various top brands. It will surely enable you to confidently serve a wide range of your customers.

Convenient and Efficient Repairs for Timely Service

At Fixo we do not only offer affordable prices but we also prioritize efficiency and convenience. With our smooth ordering process and fast shipping options, you can ensure that your repair shop always has the necessary parts on hand. We understand the importance of timely repairs and customer satisfaction.  That's why our services are specially designed to support your business needs.

It's time to Join classy and satisfied repair shop owners who have already benefited from our discounted prices. Take benefit of our wholesale phone parts and unlock amazing savings for your business. Become a partner with Fixo today and watch your profits increasing and deliver exceptional services to your customers.

We get wholesale priced parts directly from the authorized manufacturer
  • You can increase profits with transparent pricing and huge discounts
  • Wide range of high-quality phone parts to choose from
  • Opportunity to serve your customers with confidence and trust
  • Convenient and efficient repair parts for timely service
  • Become a satisfied repair shop owner, retailer or individual

    Best price on Official Google Service Pack LCD Screens

    Get the best price on official Google Service Pack LCD screens at Fixo. We prioritize affordability and high-quality replacement parts for your mobile phone repairs. Our reasonable pricing and bulk purchasing power allow us to offer competitive rates and maximize your profits.

    We feel proud that our Google Service Pack LCD screens are sourced directly from trusted suppliers. Every Google Service Pack LCD screens meets Google's strict standards. With Fixo, you can provide your customers with genuine parts and satisfyingly repairs. Now you have the power to deliver a smooth display experience.

    Get the benefit of having the Best price on Official Google Service Pack LCD Screens at Fixo. Whether you're a repair shop owner,  a technician or an individual who loves to try DIY. Our wholesale prices for Google Service Pack LCD Screens are same for everyone, just complete the free sign up and get the best wholesale prices list instantly.

    Samsung Service Pack LCD Screens

    Purchase Samsung Service Pack LCD screens at competitive prices only from Fixo. We know that you only require high-quality replacement parts for Samsung devices.  We ensure the best price for  Samsung Service Pack LCD screens. It will restore your Samsung phone's functionality.  No matter if you are an individual,  business owner or repairing technician,  we can cater Samsung mobile parts on wholesale prices for you all—experience quality and performance with our range of Samsung Service Pack LCD screens. Authenticity is essential and our parts delivers the best performance to meet your repair needs.

    JK Incell iPhone Aftermarket Screens

    Upgrade your iPhone repair business with our premium JK Incell iPhone Aftermarket Screen selections. These high-quality screens are carefully crafted to deliver exceptional performance and perfect compatibility with various iPhone models.

    Fixo knows that your iPhone and your customer both are highly valued. That's why we always strive for quality and authenticity. Our wholesale iPhone repair parts are sourced from authentic manufacturers who comply with the standard of Apple company.

    Choosing JK Incell iPhone Aftermarket Screens from Fixo will give lots of benefits.  Firstly, every wholesale phone part, especially JK Incell iPhone Aftermarket Screens price are competitive. It will give you a higher profit margin and compete iPhone screen repair. Additionally JK Incell iPhone Aftermarket Screens will ensure affordability without losing the quality.

    Furthermore our JK Incell iPhone Aftermarket Screens will let you enjoy vibrant colors,  sharp picture clarity and a greatly responsive touch. It will also give you a flawless visual experience that will satisfy you and your customers. However the screens integrate with the iPhone smoothly.  Installation is easy and the JK Incell iPhone screen can fit the iPhone perfectly even when you are not a professional.

    Same day delivery

    Fixo has a huge name in wholesale phone parts distributer. For us everything is a matter of time. And when it comes to your mobile repair we prioritize the fastest delivery. That's why Fixo proudly offers same-day delivery for all your phone parts. With our speedy service, you can make sure that your orders will arrive quickly, enabling you to start repairing without any unnecessary delays.

    Benefits Of Same Day Delivery

    Quick Turnaround Time

    With our same-day delivery service, you can expect a quick turnaround time. We prioritize your orders and ensure they are processed and dispatched swiftly so that you can get your hands on the necessary wholesale phone parts as soon as possible.

    No Pauses and Satisfied Customers

    By opting for same-day delivery, you can reduce the downtime for your customers. With wholesale phone parts arriving quickly, you can promptly complete repairs and provide faster service. It will also lead to increased customer satisfaction.

    Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Offering same-day delivery gives you a competitive advantage in the market. It shows your commitment to efficient service and attracts customers who prioritize quick turnaround times. So please choose us and stay ahead of the competition by selecting Fixo's same-day delivery option.

    Efficiency and Mind  Relaxation

    Our same-day delivery service provides efficiency, stability and peace of mind. You can rely on us to fast deliver your urgent orders, allowing you to enable your repair process and operate your business smoothly.

    Boost your repair business and a keen interest in mobile repair with high-quality wholesale phone parts in Brisbane - place your order