LG G6 Replacement Battery

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Replacement LG G6 Battery Module

Is your LG G6 Battery swelling, turning off or draining fast? It's ideal to replace your LG G6 Battery when battery health falls below 90% capacity.

How to Best Install:

It is recommended to use the original spec battery adhesive and install your new battery to a clean frame. Make sure there are no loose screws or glass in the area where your LG G6 battery will be installed. The battery should be correctly laid in place allowing for suitable space around the battery. The LG G6 battery connector terminal should correctly and easily line-up to the LG G6 logic board. This battery can be installed in less than 40 minutes with the correct repair tools. For advice on correctly installing your new LG G6 battery feel free to email or chat to the team at Fixo.

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