How to Replace Screen on Samsung Galaxy A71

Welcome to another DIY replacement guide. In today's topic, we'll go through everything you'll need and how to perform display replacement on your Samsung Galaxy A71 all by yourself. The only thing you'll need is Samsung Galaxy A71 DIY Screen Repair Kit and some time.

1) Turn off your smartphone

The first thing we'll do is simply turn off the device, this is necessary in order to avoid any damages during repair. To do so, press and hold the on/off button and then press power off.



2) Remove SIM card tray

Use your sim card eject tool (you get one included in the box of your phone) and press firmly to eject the tray.

3) Lift the back cover

In order to lift the back panel, the first thing we need to do is heat up the back of Galaxy A71. To do so we'll grab a heat gun/hairdryer and heat up the smartphone for around 2minutes or to a temperature of around 60 degrees celsius. Now that we have softened the adhesive holding the back panel we'll need a suction cup and an opening pick.

Take a suction cup and place it on as close to the center of the bottom side (near the USB charging port). Pull onto the suction cup in order to make the small gap and insert an opening pick inside that gap. Now that you have inserted an opening pick slide it all around the telephone in order to release the back cover from glue holding it to the chassis. Then simply remove the back cover 


4) Remove midframe

Take a Philips #00 screwdriver in order to remove fourteen 3mm screws that are holding the mid frame in place. Another thing that secures the midframe in place are small plastic clips. Insert an opening pick between the midframe and the front panel and slide it around all four sides of the telephone in order to release it from all plastic clips. Then simply remove the whole mid frame.

5) Disconnect battery

In order to disconnect the battery, we'll use a flat end spudger as an alternative you can simply use the tip of your finger. Take a spudger / tip of your finger and simply pry up the connector straight up from its socket.

6) Disconnect the display cable

Again use either a flat end spudger or tip of your finger to pry up and disconnect the flex cable that is located on the bottom of your A71.

7) Lift the front panel

Once again we'll need to heat the smartphone but this time on the front. Redo the same heating process we did on the back in order to loosen up the adhesive holding the screen to the frame. Apply a suction cup but this time to the upper edge of the phone.  Pull the suction cup in order to create a gap between the glass and frame of the phone and slide an opening pick in between, Slide a pick all around the phone in order to loosen the glue completely and separate the front glass from the frame, then simply lift the screen gently. 

Carefully thread the display flex cable through the gap in the mid-frame and remove the display. Before you install the new display, remove all traces of the old adhesive from the frame, and clean the glued areas with alcohol.

8) Reassemble everything with the new screen

Your Samsung Galaxy A71 is completely disassembled. Now take your new screen and reassemble your Galaxy A71 by following this guide in reverse order, and then test everything up to make sure you did everything properly.

Test everything up

Congratulations, you changed your Samsung Galaxy A71 screen all by yourself. Now just test a few things to make sure everything is working properly:
-Test the brightness of the display.
-Test the touchscreen, select an app, and drag it all around the display. If it is following your finger everything is fine.


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