Replacement parts for Apple Watch

Every single day more and more people start incorporating wearable devices like smartwatches into their everyday life. These handy are meant for a lot more than just getting to know what time is it. They can be used for making calls, health activity, gaming, notifications getter, and a lot more. More and more manufactures are hoping for this promising product called a smartwatch. There are all kinds of ones with a great battery, ones that even games can be played on and even ones that are specialized only for sports activity tracking. But one of the leaders of all smartwatches is actually Apple Watch. It is a great small device that is like a small handy smartphone on your wrist. They do cost a lot, so we can all agree that it would be useful to know where to find replacement parts if damaged. Today we will go through all the breakdowns and repair parts for your Apple Watch smartphones.

Tempered Glass

One of the best ways to prevent any malfunction is to take action before an accident happens. When it comes to apple watches, the only thing you can do is to buy a tempered glass screen protector that will prevent any scratches and possible screen cracks. We have one of the best premium screen protectors available on the market. Tempered glass is compatible with Apple Watch Series 0, 1,2, 3, 4, and 5. It's super easy to install and can ensure the safety of your Apple Watch. We have them for 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm models. If you are an apple watch owner and want to secure your watch hurry and grab yourself an Apple Watch screen protector.

Glass and digitizer

If by any chance you cracked or damaged your Apple Watch screen but your display is still working, it's your lucky day. This type of screen repair is one of the cheapest and so are the replacement parts. We have the Apple Watch Glass and Digitizer currently available for Apple Watch: S2 42mm, S4 40mm, S4 44mm, and S5 44mm.


Almost every accident that includes screen malfunctions ends up damaging the display itself. Therefore, they require the replacement of the entire screen along with the display. If you happen to be in that situation Fixo has the best Apple Watch display just for you! Currently, you can grab an S2 42mm whole display for around $178, S3 42mm screen display for just $289, or even an S4 44mm screen display for $278.

Other parts

On the off chance that you need some other fix parts you can look at all Apple Watch Parts we have accessible. We stock our replacement Apple Watch in Fixo Australian warehouse. Parts will be dispatched the same business day provided the order is made before 3 pm AEST.

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