How to Replace Battery on Google Pixel 5

Welcome to another DIY battery replacement guide. In this blog we'll go through everything you'll need and how to perform battery replacement all by yourself. The only thing you'll need is an Pixel 5 battery replacement, some tools, and time.

1) Lift the front screen

In order to lift the front panel, the first thing we need to do is heat up the front of your phone. To do so we'll grab a heat gun/hairdryer and heat up the telephone for around 2 minutes or to a temperature of around 60 degrees celsius. Now that we have softened the adhesive holding the display we'll need a suction cup and an opening pick.

Apply the suction cup to the bottom edge of the Pixel (avoid being too close to the curved portion of the glass). Pull on to the suction cup in order to create a small gap, then insert one opening pick in that gap.  Now that you have inserted an opening pick slide it all around the telephone in order to release the back cover from glue holding it to the chassis. Then simply open the phone like a book (swing the display up from the lift side).\

2) Disconnect the screen cable and remove the panel

Take a pair of tweezers or simply use the tip of your fingers to unlatch and disconnect the screen connector cover. When cover is removed simply pry up and disconnect the screen flex cable. Simply remove the screen.

3) Remove the black tape

Use your hands to peel the graphite tape of the battery.

4) Remove the charging plate cover

Peel off the graphite pad that is covering the charging plate cover. Then simply grab a T3 Torx driver to remove the two 4.6mm screws that are securing the plate to the midframe. Using the tweezers, remove the charging plate cover.

5) Remove the midframe

Once again, use the T3 Torx driver but this time to remove the eight 4.6 mm long-screws that are securing the midframe. Simply lift up and remove the middle-frame


6) Disconnect the battery

Take a spudger and with a point end pry up the battery connector straight up and disconnect it from the motherboard.

7) Remove the battery

Use a blunt nose tweezers to grip the black adhesive pull tab located on the top right edge / bottom left edge of the battery. Only use slow and steady force to pull on the pull tab.

Insert an opening pick into the left side of the battery. Slide it all the way to slice the remaining adhesive and simply pry up and remove the battery.

8) Reassemble with the new battery

Your Google Pixel 5 is completely disassembled and ready for the new batteryNow take your new battery and reassemble your phone by following this guide in reverse order, and then test everything up to make sure you did everything properly.

Test everything up

Congratulations, you changed your Pixel 5 battery all by yourself. Now just test a few things to make sure everything is working properly:
-Test the brightness of the display.
-Test the touchscreen, select an app, and drag it all around the display. If it is following your finger everything is fine.

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