How to Replace Battery on Google Pixel 5

Hello guys and welcome to the step by step tutorial on how to change the battery on Pixel 5. For this repair you will need a replacement battery, tools, and just around an hour of your time. Let's dive right into it!

1) Remove the front panel

In order to lift the screen we will need an suction cup, hard plastic picks, and some sort of a heat gun (a hair dryer will also work). The screen itself is glued to the frame so we will use the heat gun to heat the outer edges of the display and loosen up the adhesive.

Next apply the suction cup to the screen as close to the heated edge as it is possible. Pull onto it and insert a hard plastic pick into the gap. Slide pick around all the edges of the phone to remove the adhesive and simply open the screen like a book lifting it from the right side.

2) Disconnect the screen

Use tweezers to grip and push the clip in towards the connector to unlatch the screen connector cover. Remove the cover and use a tip of a flat spudger to disconnect the screen.

3) Remove the screen

Simply separate the screen from the remaining parts.


4) Remove the graphite tape

Use tip of your fingers to peel of the graphite tape.

5) Remove the charging plate cover

Peel off the graphite pad that covers charging plate cover. Use T3 Torx screw driver to remove two 4.6mm screws that secures the plate itself. Then simply remove it.

6) Unscrew the midframe

Keep the T3 Torx in your hand and remove eight more 4.6mm screws that are securing the mid-frame to the chassis.

7) Remove the mid-frame

8) Disconnect the battery

Use the tip of a pointed spudger to pry up and disconnect the battery connector from its socket.

 9) Remove adhesive pull tabs

Use a tip of a tweezers to grip the black adhesive pull tab located on the top right edge of a battery. Then grab it with your fingers. Pull onto it with a slow and steady force. Do the same for the pull tab on the bottom left edge on the battery.


10) Remove battery

Insert an opening pick into the left side of the battery. Use the pick to slice the adhesive at the top and bottom of the battery. Then simply flip the battery over and remove it.

11) Reassemble everything with the new battery

Your Pixel 5 is completely disassembled. Now take your new battery and reassemble your phone by following this guide in reverse order, and then test everything up to make sure you did everything properly.

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