Replacement Parts for Google Pixel 5

Let's be honest, every one of us spends a lot of time using our smartphones and they have become our daily habit. The more we use them the more possible accidents can happen. Today we'll go through all the replacement parts for your Google Pixel 5.


Currently, we have a few displays in stock for the Google Pixel 5. When it comes to displays we have 2 options: one without an ear speaker and one with an ear speaker included. The cheaper option which is the original display with frame and no ear speaker cost just $278 with taxes included. On the other hand, a display with an ear speaker is priced at $338. Both of the displays are original Google-made screens and come with frames included. If you are curious about how to change it yourself, there are various DIY tutorials online, and we also have one coming for you very soon.

Back cover

Although it's really hard to break plastic back on your Pixel 5, accidents like that still happen. If you happen to have your back cover damaged or even broken we have a perfect Plastic Back cover with housing included for just $48.5. This repair takes a little longer to complete because you need to remove your screen first but we'll have you update about the how-to tutorial.

Sim Card Tray

The easiest type of repair is one connected with sim card trays. Believe it or not but a bunch of people loses or even break their sim card trays. It is absurd to go to the repair shop in order to get your sim card changed. You can replace it all by yourself in a minute. Buy an original sim card tray for your Pixel 5 for just $17.5. It's made from quality materials and it keeps your phones water resistance, unlike the cheap replacement sim card trays.

Screen Protectors

The best way to prevent some possible screen cracking is to buy a screen protector. Our screen protectors will prevent any scratches and will save your phone when dropped. Check out our Google Pixel 5 Hydrogel TPU Screen Protector and Google Pixel 5 Glass Screen Protector - 9H Full Cover Glass.

Other parts

On the off chance that you need some other fix parts you can look at all Google Pixel 5 Parts we have accessible. We stock our replacement  Parts in Fixo Australian warehouse. Parts will be dispatched the same business day provided the order is made before 3 pm AEST. Shipping costs for all of our products are around $4-$7 depending on delivery speed and shipping address.

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