How To Answer The Phone With AirPods

You are long gone, the time when people used hands-free to answer their phone calls. This era is known as the wireless era. Now you can make phone calls and also answer them with your AirPods. Let's find out the steps and tips to answer your phone from AirPods.

What Are The Steps To Answer The Phone From AirPods?

Steps To Answer The Phone From AirPods?

There are a few easy and quick steps to answer the phone with AirPods. You can save your efforts and time by using AirPods to answer any call. The sensors in AirPods help to answer, make or decline any call on your phone. You do not need to use your hands to answer an incoming call.
⦁ You can double-tap the AirPods to answer a call.
⦁ You can ask Siri through AirPods to announce and answer the incoming call.
⦁ Activate Siri to use the AirPods feature in your iPhone.
⦁ Also, learn how to answer a second phone call on your phone while putting the first call on hold with the help of AirPods.

Steps To Answer The Phone From AirPods

This section provides a complete guide to the people who want to use AirPods to make and answer calls from their phones. The AirPods have made life easy and stylish with hidden features. You now can answer all of your phone calls by just double-tapping the AirPods. The gestures and taps are the central part of using and controlling AirPods. Let's not wait more and learn how to answer phone calls using AirPods.

Double Tap The AirPods
  • Double Tap The AirPods

Answering any call on your phone with AirPods is convenient. All you need to do is double-tap on any AirPods to answer the call. You can answer your call without touching your phone. This happens with the help of highly activated sensors of AirPods. That is why when you double-tap the outside of your AirPods, your call is answered. AirPods have made the process easy and quick. Using AirPods pro, you can touch the force sensor to answer the call.

 Ask Siri
  •  Ask Siri

Like other AirPod users, you can activate this feature from the setting menu if Siri wants to notify you about who is calling. In this way, you would not have to look at your phone when ringing. You can also answer or disconnect the call through your AirPods.

Activate Siri To Use AirPods Feature
  • Activate Siri To Use AirPods Feature

To activate this feature, go to the setting app on your iPhone, scroll down to the "phone" option, and tap it. Then tap on "announce calls." Now select "headphones and car" so that Siri can announce the incoming caller ID. This happens mostly when your iPhone is connected to your AirPods or car. Now you can answer or decline the incoming call by using your voice.

Answer A Second Phone Call With AirPods?
  •  How To Answer A Second Phone Call With AirPods?

When you are talking on one call, and suddenly another incoming call pops up on your screen, you can push the first call on hold. To answer the new call, follow the same step of double-tapping on one of the AirPods. If you want to switch between two calls, you can do it by double-tapping the AirPods.

Answer A Second Phone Call With AirPods

What Is The Phone Call Quality On AirPods?

The AirPods produce good, clear, and pleasing quality call sound. It is ideal for making and answering phone calls with AirPods and talking to them while on the go. The call work better in-car than in Bluetooth. You can enjoy talking on AirPods without any interruptions. You can make or answer a call on AirPods while doing chores, driving, working out, etc. The AirPods do not require your hands to put on the ear during calls.

Calls Sound Muffled On AirPods

Do Calls Sound Muffled On AirPods?

Sometimes AirPods show inconveniences for multiple reasons while connected to the iPhone. Mostly the earwax and dirt collectively build up inside the earbud of an AirPod. Due to this, the call sound quality is affected. It would be best if you cleared the dirt in the earbuds regularly so that you could answer and hear the calls. The AirPods are very sensitive and can get easily clogged with grease and earwax every time you use them. To keep your AirPods working smoothly without any sound problem, you need to clean them.


The technological era has brought various gadgets such as AirPods. There are also many versions available in AirPods, such as AirPods max, AirPods 1st generation, AirPods 2nd generation. You can now make, answer and decline calls on your phones from your AirPods with easy and quick steps. Save your time and effort and look more attractive by answering your calls from AirPods. When the AirPods are not working correctly, it is probably due to the dirt stored in the earbuds. Try to keep the Airpods clean for better quality.

People Also Ask

⦁ Which AirPods Are The Best?

Which AirPods are the best

There are many models and versions available in AirPods, which makes it challenging to select the best AirPods. However, the best AirPods are AirPods pro and Apple AirPods max. Apple AirPods (3rd generation) are also being highly used.

⦁ How To Answer The Phone With AirPods Pro?

Answer the phone with AirPods pro

There is a small "force sensor" spot on AirPods pro on both AirPods stems. You can squeeze the force sensor to answer the call. If you want to hang up the call, all you need to do is quickly press the force sensor twice.

⦁ How To Decline An Incoming Call On A Phone With AirPods Pro?

 Decline an incoming call with AirPods pro

If you do not want to attend a call, press the force sensor of AirPods pro twice to decline the incoming call.

⦁ Why Can't I Answer The Incoming Calls On My AirPods?

Can't Answer The Incoming Calls On My AirPods

You need to reboot your AirPods if they are not answering any incoming calls. Check to see if the Bluetooth of your phone is turned off. Also, put your AirPods back in the charging case and disconnect them from your phone. Now reconnect and see if the problem is solved.

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