Apple iPhone 11: Screen Replacement Guide
Welcome to another DIY screen replacement guide. Today will go through step by step on how to perform a screen replacement all by yourself on your Apple iPhone 11. The only thing you'll need is an iPhone 11 Replacement LCD Screensome tools, and time.

1) Turn off your device

Before you even start the repair process, make sure to discharge your iPhone battery bellow the 25% (lithium batteries can catch fire and explode if accidentally punctured). First thing you'll have to do after you made sure your iPhone is below the 25% battery capacity is to turn it off.

2) Remove the pentalobe screws

To begin with the phone's opening, we'll first remove the two 6.7 mm-long pentalobe screws located on the edge of the iPhone. 

3) Lift the front cover

In order to lift the front panel, the first thing we need to do is heat up the back of iPhone 11. To do so we'll grab a heat gun/hairdryer and heat up the telephone for around 2minutes or to a temperature of around 60 degrees celsius. Now that we have softened the adhesive holding the display we'll need a suction cup and an opening pick.

Apply the suction cup to the bottom edge of the iPhone (avoid being too close to the curved portion of the glass). Pull on to the suction cup in order to create a small gap, then insert one opening pick in that gap.  Now that you have inserted an opening pick slide it all around the telephone in order to release the back cover from glue holding it to the chassis. Then simply open the iPhone like a book (swing the display up from the lift side).

4) Disconnect battery

Take a Y000 driver to remove the three 1.1 mm-long screws securing the battery connector bracket. Then simply remove the battery connector cover. Take a spudger / tip of your finger and simply pry up the connector straight up from its socket.

5) Remove logic board cover

Keep the Y000 screwdriver in your hand and once again remove five 1.1 mm screws that are holding the logic board cover in place. When removed, simply lift the cover.

6) Disconnect the display

Again use either a flat end spudger or tip of your finger to pry up and disconnect both LCD panel cable and digitizer connector next to it.

7) Remove the display assembly

Before lifting up the whole display assembly disconnect one more thing holding it onto the chassis the front panel sensor connector.

8) Flip speaker over

Remove four screws that are securing the speaker assembly. Then use a point of a spudger to gently pry up the speaker. Flip the speaker over.

9) Remove the speaker assembly

We'll need to heat up the display once again, take a hairdryer/heat gun, and heat the top front of the display for about 2 minutes. Then simply lift the speaker assembly (some cables may still remain attached so disconnect those before you lift it)

10) Unscrew the LCD shield plate

Once again, use a Y000 screwdriver to remove five 1.1mm screws that are securing the LCD shield. Make sure to press your driver firmly into the crew while turning it.


Remove the remaining four 1.1 mm screws located on the top and bottom edges of the shield.

11) Heat the display cables

Heat the marked area with a hairdryer/ heat gun in order to soften the glue holding the display cables to the LCD shield.

12) Unstick and separate display cables

Use an opening pick to slide it in between the display cables and LCD shield. Slide it toward the bottom of the display to separate the cables. Insert the opening pick once again, but this time between the two cables. Slide the pick in order to separate cables from each other.

13) Lift the shield plate

Before we can lift the shield plate make sure to peel the entire digitizer cable away from the LCD shield. Then insert an opening pick under the top edge and twist to separate shield and display. Then simply remove the shield (make sure to thread all of the cables through the gaps between shield and display).

14) Reassemble everything with the new screen

Your Apple iPhone 11 is completely disassembled. Now take your new screen and reassemble your phone by following this guide in reverse order, and then test everything up to make sure you did everything properly.

Test everything up

Congratulations, you changed your iPhone 11 screen all by yourself. Now just test a few things to make sure everything is working properly:
-Test the brightness of the display.
-Test the touchscreen, select an app, and drag it all around the display. If it is following your finger everything is fine.


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