Google Pixel 7 Replacement LCD / OLED Screen Digitizer G949-00322-01

Quality: Service Pack - Fingerprint installed (G949-00322-01)

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Service Pack G949-00322-01 Replacement Google Pixel 7 LCD / OLED Screen Australia

Original Google Pixel 7 Replacement OLED screen complete with the frame for easy install. This display is compatible with all models Google Pixel 7 - GVU6C & GQML3

Here's the go with Google Pixel 7 Screen Replacement

There are no Google Service Pack screens available in Australia currently. Fixo currently stock off-channel genuine replacement Pixel 7 screens direct from the factory. These replacement screens come complete with the frame. 

What you will need for this repair

In order to successfully replace a broken screen on Google Pixel 7, a tool kit and glue / adhesive will be required. In order to make sure your finger print reader works after repair, transfer of the module from the broken screen to new screen is vital. This procedure can be completed using heat, alcohol and thin plastic pry tool. 

To bond the screen to device it will require an adhesive or wet set black glue. The plastic frame of the display should be bonded to the devices metal sub straight ideally with a service pack seal kit (currently unavailable). At this point in time you can use black glue to a very thin double sided tab such as Tessa Tape. 

Not Keen to Try a DIY Repair? Need a Professional Install?
DIY Repairs are certainly attainable for Google Pixel 7. However, if you're looking for a professional repair shop to handle this repair, Fixo is happy to refer you to the best Google Pixel Repair Shop in Australia.

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