Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector Review and Installation

No one can deny the importance of screen protectors, especially in the case of luxury smart devices like Google Pixel smartphones or the latest Samsung devices. A good protector can protect your phone’s screen to come extent when it falls down or something heavy presses it. It also keeps the glass screen scratches-free and gives the phone a new and fresh outlook.

Keeping in view the above qualities of glass protectors, we have used and tested Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector and presenting a comprehensive review.

We have written this review after a complete user experience with minute details to accompany you with authentic and fist hand information from Fixo's Tech Team.
If you just bought a new Google Pixel 6/7 or Samsung Ultra S21/22 and looking for the perfect screen protector then you should give it a read.


The Whitestone dome screen protector has the perfect long and 0.3mm thick glassthat fits perfectly over phone screen. It is made from high-quality city-tempered glass that ensures the complete safety of your device.

Some protectors that are available in the market for devices like iPhone or Samsung S21, 22 are too short to cover the screen of a phone or too long that their curves got stuck in the mobile phone. Unlike these protectors Whitestone dome glass is designed in such a way that it covers the touchable parts of your phone and the smooth rounded edges are doesn’t stuck in a way while attaching or removing phone covers.

Chemically-Tempered Glass

No doubt, the WHITESTONE DOME GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR is more expensive than other tempered screen protectors available in the market. You might have thought, that is why we should go for a whitestone dome glass protector if we can have a cheaper tempered glass protector. The reason is that it's not only tempered but also treated with a chemical that makes it better than all other screen protectors.

After using it for some time, our experience justifies this statement that the Whitestone dome glass is stronger and the best option for your smart device. It is important to remember that, it's still a glass product and you have to use it cautiously for long-term durability.

Protection and repair

This Whitestone screen protector is manufactured in partnership with Samsung by LOCA technology. One of the prominent features of this technology is that it attaches the dome protector to the phone screen so elegantly that it looks like a phone screen. Whitestone screen protector evenly dispersion phone screens and makes it socks free and saves from any scratches. It could also be applied to broken screens and scratches.

The manufacturers claim the that Whitestone dome glass protector has 4F features; it provides Full Coverage, Fully Responsive, Full Clarity, and Full Fix. 

Touch and Sensitivity

If you are thinking that the Whitestone screen protector having extra strong protection might compromise touch sensitivity, then you are wrong. After using it, we can say that it maintains the perfect touch sensitivity and ultrasonic recognition without delay or any other issue. The excellent touch sensitivity is it’s because of the liquid adhesive perfectly that attaches the dome screen protector on phone screens without any air bubbles or irregularity.

How to install Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector on Samsung S21 Ultra or Samsung S22 Ultra

This is the basic guide to installing a Whitestone glass screen protector on your Phone device. Before installation, make sure the environment is properly ventilated with no or little dust. The installation must be done on a leveled surface.

  1. Turn off your phone to avoid any distractions. Remove the previously applied phone protector carefully, without leaving any scratch or crack on the phone screen.
  2. After removing the old screen protector, wipe the phone screen with an alcohol swap. Make sure the phone screen doesn’t get in contact with your fingers. Place the phone on a tray that comes with a Whitestone dome glass screen protector. A fingerprint mark or dust particle can compromise the installation process. So make sure the screen is dust and mark-free by cleaning it with dust free sticker.
  3. The built-in screen protector tray has two components, Place the phone on the bottom compartment, and make sure the speaker side is on the top side of the tray. Cover the phone speakers with adhesive tape. After that, place the top tray on the phone.
  4. After all this setup, place the bridge over the phone. Unscrew the liquid bottle and pour the liquid on the phone screen through the small hole of the bridge. The liquid bottle should be fixed in the bridge hole. Now take off the bridge and bottle from the phone.
  5. Now peel off the sheet from the dome glass and place the protector on the tray. When you place the glass protector on the phone, initially the liquid accumulates at the top of the phone where the bridge was placed.
  6. You have to tilt the tray carefully so the liquid slides down.
  7. Now this step is very important to understand. When the liquid slides down on the screen, wait until it reaches exactly between the glasses screens so you can remove the pin. It ensures a smooth process of installation. If the adhesive passed the center, move it back up till it reaches the center perfectly so you can remove the pin.
  8. Wait 2-3 minutes until the liquid spread perfectly on the glass screen.
  9. Proceed with the initial cure process with UV light. In this step you have to place the UV light on the bottom of the screen for 30 seconds and then on the top of phone for the 30 seconds.
  10. After that, carefully remove the top of the tray. Pick the phone out from the bottom carefully, and wipe the screen and edges with alcohol pads. Do this gently as the protector is just applied and too much pressure will displace the protector.
  11. Press on the fingerprint sensor for one minute.
  12. From here the Second curing process began. Place and cure the screen with UV light on the bottom for 60 seconds and likewise on the top for 60 seconds. Repeat the exact process one more time.

Congrats, you have successfully installed the Kingstone Whitestone dome glass screen protector on your phone screen.

After finishing the installation process, it is recommended to update the fingerprints. Delete any existing fingerprint and register the new fingerprint. You can register one or more fingerprint options. After registering, go back and ensure its working fine. If you are facing an issue, you can increase the fingerprint sensor to a maximum level to improve the responsiveness.


Whitestone dome glass screen protector, ensure smooth functionality, and long durability along with the strong hardware protection of your phone. If we talk about its cons, some users consider it a bit pricey and others found the installation process a bit exhausting. Using the Whitestone glass protector on Samsung S21, s22, or google pixel 6, 7 or any other latest smartphone will be a great experience for you.

We have experienced smooth functionality with good responsiveness without any touch delay. From perfect length and width to stronger protection, the Whitestone dome glass screen protector has every essential feature that makes it one of the best glass screen protectors.

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