New iPhone In-cell LCD screens coming soon to Phone Parts

The screen is an important component of an iPhone, and all of the iPhones today come with very quality displays. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about iPhone 11 or the previous iPhone models, all of them come with impressive screens. So if you broke your iPhone screen you should consider changing it with iPhone in-cell replacement LCD screens.

Fixo is one of the leading online stores in Australia focused on providing only high-quality aftermarket smartphone parts. These parts include screens for various iPhone models and soon new iPhone in-cell LCD screens are coming to Fixo.

What is an in-cell LCD display?

Normally, aftermarket LCD screens always use cheaper on-cell screen technology, where a device’s screen consists of an LCD screen covered by a digitizer. Information entered is displayed on the LCD. At the point when you make a contact with the screen, the digitizer changes over your developments into activities However, now there is better and new technology accessible available. It is called in-cell screen technology and combines the LCD and the digitizer into a single element.

Fixo in-cell screens are premium aftermarket screens made for iPhone. These are as good as original screens where the digitizer is incorporated in the LCD. This is the same technology used with OEM new screens. The digitizer and the LCD are therefore not separate components that are glued together, as is the case with on-cell displays.

What are the advantages of Fixo in-cell LCD screens in quality?

1) Original material LTPS HD LCD

We use original material LTPS high-definition LCD raw materials, giving you a 1: 1 resolution with the original screen and high definition original color display.

2) No redness when viewing the screen from the side view angle

Unlike with the cheap screen replacement parts, the side view angle of the Fixo in-cell LCD screen does not change color and does not display red.

3) Fast touch response

Super touch-type capacitive and highly sensitive screen that supports: multi-touch, smooth touch.

4) Oleophobic coating

The water-resistant and oleophobic performance is better. Water drops will keep a round shape after dropping on your phone parts screen.

5) Cover and bracket are the same as original

After the installation, our new screen will fit perfectly with the stand. The cover and stand fit perfectly with the original.

6) Warranty

One of the things that can help customers understand whether a product is worth buying or not is the presence (or absence) of a warranty. That’s why we have decided to come up with a solid warranty for our iPhone in-cell replacement LCD screens.

Perfect for the repair stores 

If you are serving repair customers, you are probably focused on their satisfaction because a satisfied customer is a repeat customer. After all, we all need to repeat customers to grow our businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a repair store and you are looking for premium-quality parts or you are trying to fix your malfunctioning iPhone on your own – Fixo Warehouse will become a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

As we know, there are many advantages of using in-cell technology as part of your repair offering or other types of screens. Who doesn’t want to get a new screen on their iPhone that will offer livelier and more attractive colors? In addition, it’s always better to get a brand new screen than to use a refurbished screen in our opinion. Finally, by using this new in-cell technology you are following the latest trends in the world of mobile technology. 

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