Best iPhone Repairs Sydney & Brisbane

If something is not right with your iPhone and you are like most people from Sydney, then you are probably looking for fast iPhone repairs Sydney CBD options. The good thing is that you can count of repair stores like iPhone Screen Repair because they have everything you need to get your damaged/malfunctioning iPhone back on track. iPhone Screen Repairs operate two state of the art repair centres in Brisbane and Sydney.

iPhone is still one of the most popular brands of smartphones in Australia and across the globe. People have recognised the value that this Apple product provides and they want to use these smartphones as long as they can. However, due to negligence or simply accidents that couldn’t be prevented, it’s is possible to damage your device. When you find yourself in a situation like that, you need professional, fast and affordable repair service and that’s exactly what you will get if you bring your phone to iPhone Screen Repairs Brisbane.

Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

There are many different types of repairs offered at iSR. Yet, one of the most popular iPhone Repairs Sydney are damaged iPhone screens. This makes perfect sense to because these guys because we know how gentle and sensitive iPhone parts can be. The latest models like iPhone X and iPhone XS come with extra layers of protection, but in most cases, a sudden drop can still crack the screen of your precious smartphone. This happens even to people that have screen protectors.

The good thing is that replacing a cracked iPhone screen is not difficult especially if you leave this task in the hands of seasoned technicians like the ones working at iPhone Screen Repairs. Our team has many years of experience and they can change the damaged screens of all types of iPhones including the latest models. In addition, they are using premium-quality replacement parts (sourced from the team here at https://www/ ) guarantee hassle-free use of your iPhone for many months (and years). So, if your iPhone screen is cracked, shattered or damaged, don’t be disappointed because we can probably fix this issue and make your device look as good as new.

iPhone Battery Drain Repair Brisbane Sydney

There are situations when people are noticing a sudden drop in the level of the battery on their iPhone. At one point, the battery level is around 30% and just a couple of minutes later it’s just 5%. This usually happens when the battery becomes old. The capacity that your iPhone battery once had is lowered and as a result of that, you are experiencing problems. 

If you need an iPhone battery drain repair service, you can count on iSR. Their technicians will check whether there’s something else wrong with your battery. Maybe there’s an app that drains the battery or something else. If that’s the case their technicians will fix it right away. But, keep in mind that sometimes you will need to have your battery replaced. The good thing is that they use high-quality batteries for all iPhone models and the process of replacement is easy and affordable. Once your iPhone is fixed, you will be able to use your phone without worrying about the battery.

iPhone Camera Glass Lens Repairs Sydney Brisbane

iPhone comes with glass lenses on the cameras. We are talking about durable, sophisticated pieces of equipment that guarantee excellent results. This is one of the reasons why even iPhone users that have older models are still able to take memorable photos or videos on their devices. But, it’s not always like that. Namely, if you drop your phone and it falls on the camera or you add extra pressure to this part of the phone, there’s always a chance that the glass lens will get damaged. But, is this a reason to start looking for a new phone?

The answer is – NO! With iPhone camera glass lens repairs like the ones offered by iSR, you will be able to take amazing photos and videos again in no time. The only thing you have to do is to bring your iPhone to their Brisbane CBD or Sydney CBD store and your iPhone will be fixed and working like new in no time at all.

iPhone not charging Sydney

So, you are connecting your iPhone to the charger, but your battery is not getting charged? iPhone not charging Sydney is one of the most searched terms among residents of Sydney that own iPhones. It seems that this is a common problem these days and only a small number of people know that it’s usually the charging port that makes the problem.

In some cases, there’s dust and other particles that prevent the charger from charging your iPhone. In other cases, the charging port is simply broken. When you bring your device to our team, they will evaluate the situation and detect the problem. It will take a very short period of time to fix the issue completely so you can start charging your phone in a normal way.


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