Replacement Parts for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series

Samsung Galaxy Note Series is the best and most expensive lineup Samsung has to offer. But sadly it is confirmed that Note 21 isn't coming it is most likely that the whole Note lineup is being discontinued. So if you are lucky enough to be a Note 20 owner hold onto it because it is probably the last of its kind. Here are all the Replacement Parts Fixo currently has for the Note 20 series.

Replacement Displays

If you happen to have your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra broken we have them in stock just for you. Replacement display for note 20 is in stock and cost just $394, on the other hand for the ultra version it is $420. These are OEM version and they are just as good as original you had previous. With the display you also get factory set to the metal frame which will make the repair even easier. We'll have an full how to guide on Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra coming for you in the future.

Back Glass

If you had a phone that has a glass on the back you know that it's literally the easiest thing to break. Don't rock your phone with the broken rear glass because you can buy a replacement for just as low as $39. We have them in all colors for both Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra and they cost just $39. They come with adhesive pre-applied which makes the repair even easier. Hurry up we only have a few left in stock!

Charging Port

If you are having some problem with your charging port, firstly try to clean it up if it's still not working it's time for a change. Fixo has the best replacement USB port assembly for your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. It costs only $28-$34 and we have it for both Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Check it out because they do sell out quickly.

Other parts

If you need some other fix parts you can look at all Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Parts and Note 20 Ultra Parts we have accessible. We stock our replacement  Parts in Fixo Australian warehouse. Parts will be dispatched the same business day provided the order is made before 3 pm AEST. Shipping costs for all of our products are around $4-$7 depending on delivery speed and shipping address.

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