Google Pixel 7:

Are you a fan of the Google Pixel? If so, then you must be looking forward to Google Pixel 7. Is the phone worth the hype? Would you like to learn about the features, pros, and cons? Is it better than the Apple smartphones?

The pixel 7 launched along with the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Indeed, it is the smartphone from the technology giant Google. Do you know this Google Pixel phone has 8 GB of RAM and a Tensor G2 Processor? Hence, it has a lighting processing speed. This smartphone can manage anything the user throws at it, such as professional images, blur images, noise sounds, etc. Further, it has a regular camera and telephoto lens with about 2x optical zoom.

Why Google Pixel 7 Creating A Sensation?

Since the launch of Pixel 7, Google Pixel news has created a sensation on the internet. The Pixel 7 is a highly tremendous-looking and powerful mobile phone with a top-notch camera, a 50 Megapixel primary camera, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. Also, its 5G can offer lightning-fast speeds with smooth performance.

So if you'd like to learn about this, keep reading the blog to gain a deep insight into all its features!

Top Google Pixel 7 Specs

Pixel 7 is getting hype among users because of its specification. Is it too good to be true? Let us have a look.

  • Screen size is 6.3 inches
  • Resolution is, 2400 x 1080 pixels
  • Processor is Google Tensor G2
  • Camera is two rear cameras (50MP main and 12MP ultra-wide angle) and 10.8MP front camera
  • The Google Pixel 7 ram is 8 GB
  • There are two Google Pixel 7 storage options, 126 or 256 GB, which is great.
  • When we talk about its MicroSD card slot, it does not have. The point is, if they offer a suitable storage option, there is no need to have one.
  • It is light in weight that is 197g.
  • The pixel 7 battery life is around 72 hours in power saving mode. Normally the battery last up to 9h 1 min.

Unique Features of Pixel 7

Here are some of Pixel 7 elements for better images, safer browsing and clearer calls

Improve the photos in the photo collection (even the older image from other smartphones)

Let me ask one thing. Have you ever experienced the perfect shot of your friend at the bar or kids kicking the winning goal turning out blurry? The unique Google Pixel 7 has the feature of photo unblur.

Within a few taps, you get the perfect and clear image. Photo unblur utilizes Tensor G2's learning abilities to find and remove visual noises and blur from the image. So now you get a clear image of your favorite moment.

Remove distracting noise

Poor reception and background noise make hearing a person on the other side of a line tough. Google Pixel 7 apparent calling features make your mobile phone calls sound great since it finds and removes distracting noise, such as wind and traffic. This enhances the clearness of your conversation.

Get into the phone faster.

Are you in a hurry and want to see the data from the locked screen? If yes, then from pixel 7 it is easy to see specific data from the locked screen. Further, when one likes to go into their phone, it takes a beat to tap the code.

Unlock the phone with a face.

Why tap when the face unlocks features? Is there a face? Google Pixel 7 comes with the Face Unlock feature. What does it mean? It means the phone will identify your face and open the phone automatically.

Reach for the stars in expressive videos

Would you like to record the blog? If so, one can take smoother, brighter videos of their memorable moments with Google Pixel. Its tensor G2 combines software and hardware to create top-notch video stabilization.

Pros and Cons of Pixel 7

So do we suggest you buy this Google Pixel? Let us have


  • There is a notable clear design upgrade
  • It has Excellent cameras, consisting of a high-resolution front camera.
  • The fingerprint reader.
  • There is a new face unlock feature.
  • No more blur photos because of its "unblur" feature.


  • It is super slippery to hold, but you can use the pixel 7 case for the right grip.
  • There is no microSD card slot.
  • Its cinematic video could be better.

The Google Pixel 7 Price

The features and the specification of the pixel 7 smartphones are great, but what is the price?

This Google best phone pixel 7 strategy starts at 839 AUD. Do you know pixel 7 and Google Pixel 6 have similar starting rates? The cost changes a bit, relying on its storage capacity.

Get The Best Google Pixel 7 Case

Indeed, it has a slippery body, but the pixel 7 cases are always the option. You can pick the case of your choice. It not only protects the smartphone, but also offers a great grip. So dress the mobile phone as you do.

If there is damage to the Google Pixel, then Google Pixel 7 pairing is always an option. But remember, prevention is better than cure.

Google Pixel 7 Is Better Than iPhone 14

You might be thinking about buying a pixel 7 or iPhone 14. When we compare these two, the Google Pixel 7 has the right camera and display at a lower price. On the other hand, the iPhone 14 is on the costly side.

With a starting rate of 839 AUD for the 128 GB mobile model and even sounder Pixel 7 deals, Google has the chance to contest. The iPhone 14 opened at 1749 AUD as its predecessor did.



Pixel 7

iPhone 14


155.6 by 73.2 by 8.7mm (6.13 by 2.88 by 0.34 inches)

146.7 by 71.5 by 7.8mm (5.78 by 2.81 by 0.31 inches)


197 grams (6.9 ounces)

172 grams (6.07 ounces)

Screen size

6.3-inch OLED with 10-90Hz

6.1-inch Super Retina OLED

Screen resolution

2400 x 1080 pixels (416 pixels per inch)

2532 x 1170 pixels (460 pixels per inch)

Operating system

Android 13

iOS 16


128GB, 256GB

128GB, 256GB, 512GB

Micro -SD card slot



Tap-to-pay services

Google Pay

Apple Pay


Google Tensor 2

Apple A15 Bionic





Dual lens 50-megapixel wide, 12MP ultra wide rear, 10.8MP front

Dual-lens 12MP wide and 12MP ultra wide rear, 12MP True Depth front


4K at up to 60 frames per second, 1080p at 60 fps

4K at up to 60 fps, 1080p at 240 fps

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.2

Bluetooth 5.3



Lightning connector

Fingerprint sensor

Yes, in-display

No, Face ID instead

Water resistance







Can we tag pixel 7 as the best Pixel Phone? It must come as no surprise that Google Pixel 7 earns the thumbs up from its users. It is one of the top-notch smartphones with terrific starting rates of 839 AUD.

You can buy Google Pixel 7 in Brisbane and Sydney from

 If you want an up-to-date mobile phone from Google, you can always go with a glossy Google Pixel 7. Its style and design are refined, it has great features with high-resolution selfie camera.

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