How To Track Android or iPhone With IMEI Number

Do you want to track your lost or stolen phone with the IMEI number? Don’t panic! We are here to help you out. You can become a pro at tracking your phone with the IMEI number by following our step-by-step easy guide. Whether you have lost your Android or iPhone or even if you want to learn phone tracking with an IMEI number then our guide is perfect for you.

Blocking the IMEI number is a crucial step to prevent the stolen Android or iPhone from being used for illegal activities. The IMEI number is used by smartphone manufacturers as well as network operators and law enforcement agencies to keep track of mobile devices. IMEI Number is a 15-digit number typically printed on the back of a phone or the original packaging of your smartphone.

Learn how IMEI Numbers can help you track your precious phone in our latest blog post.

What Is IMEI Number

What Is IMEI Number

The IMEI number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity IMEI Number. It is a unique 15-digit identification number assigned to every mobile phone. IMEI number acts as a unique fingerprint for your device. Just like our fingerprints are distinct to each person the IMEI number is distinct to each phone. This number is essential for tracking and identifying mobile phones on cellular networks.


Advantages Of IMEI Number Android or iPhone 

Advantages Of IMEI Number Android or iPhone

The IMEI number plays a vital role in various scenarios because of its uniqueness. If your Android phone or iPhone is lost or stolen then reporting its IMEI number to your service provider can help you block the device, making it useless on any network.

The IMEI Number helps you to buy a secure second-hand mobile. If you are buying a used Android or iPhone, It is important to verify the legitimacy of the IMEI number. This helps to ensure that the device has not been blacklisted or reported as stolen.

 Methods To Find IMEI Number On Android & iPhone

Methods To Find IMEI Number On Android & iPhone

Discovering your IMEI number on either an Android or iPhone device can be accomplished through various methods. Considering the significance of IMEI numbers, it is of utmost importance to record and safeguard them properly. A notable point to remember is that most devices come with dual SIM slots. Consequently, you will find two IMEI numbers labeled IMEI1 and IMEI2. It is highly recommended to take note of both for safekeeping.

The possible methods to find the IMEI Number of your Android Phone or iPhone are described below:

Dial *#06#

  1. Open your phone dialer and dial *#06#.
  2. Immediately the IMEI details of your phone will pop up on the screen.
  3. Note the IMEI Number and keep it safe.

Android & iPhone Settings

Open the settings of your phone. Search for the About phone detail option and learn the IMEI number of your phone.

 On the Back of Your Phone

The IMEI number of your iPhone or Android Phone can usually be found on the back of these smartphones. Simply flip your smartphone over and look for a sticker or engraved text on the back panel. 

 Check your Phone Packaging Box

Another common place to find the IMEI number of your phone is on the packaging box it came in. Look for a label or sticker on the box that displays the IMEI number. Make sure to keep the packaging box in a secure place or take note of the IMEI number for future reference.

How to Find Lost Phone with IMEI Number 2023

How to Find Lost Phone with IMEI Number 2023

You can track your lost or stolen phone with the IMEI number of your Android or iPhone by adopting the following effective method:

Use IMEI Tracker - Find My Device App

Track your device with the IMEI Tracker - Find My Device App which not only offers IMEI tracking but also facilitates location sharing for your entire family. Let's quickly guide you through the setup process:

Step 1

Download from Google Play Store and Install IMEI Tracker  

Step 2

Open the app. It may request certain permissions. Go ahead and grant them.

Step 3

Access real-time tracking by signing in with your Google Account.

Step 4

Now you will be asked to configure your trusted contacts. They will receive your IMEI details and the latest location of your device if your SIM card is removed.

Step 5

Input the IMEI in the app and tap the track button to view the real-time location of the device.

 Important Tip

This app also enables users to set custom commands for specific actions. By sending these commands as texts, the app will execute the associated actions. For example you can use the "getlostphone" command which will return the IMEI details, SIM ID, and Phone Location.

IMEI Tracker Online Tools 2023

There are many online tools or websites available that allow you to track your phone using IMEI details. These tools are accessible from any web browser and do not require any complex step-by-step procedures.

Simply enter your IMEI details in the provided search box and wait for the site to track your device. Despite the simplicity of these steps, finding a genuine and reliable tool can be challenging.

Important Tip

Some websites that appear in search results to track phones with IMEI numbers are often fake. These websites only display ads one after another without actually tracking your device. Moreover, some of these ads may contain malicious cookies and programs, posing potential security risks. Exercise caution when selecting a website to ensure safe and effective tracking. Without proper verification do not use an online tool for phone tracking.


Final Verdict

Tracking a phone using its IMEI number can be a lifesaver when you have lost your Android or iPhone or if it gets stolen. By following the steps outlined in our guide you can increase the likelihood of retrieving your valuable phone safely. While the IMEI number is essential for tracking your phone you should never share it publicly or post it on social media. IMEI number information is sensitive and could be misused by malicious individuals. Stay vigilant and take the necessary precautions to keep your phone and data secure.
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