How To Fix Phone Hanging

Want to fix your hanging phone by yourself? Read our guide to learn How To Fix Phone Hanging by finding the reasons behind it. Whether you are a student or a working man or woman or even a regular smartphone user you can fix your hanging phone and get it back to its optimal performance with our tips and tricks.

A hanging phone is a situation where the device becomes unresponsive. A frozen phone can disrupt productivity and hinders access to essential smartphone apps. Phone freezing can occur due to a variety of reasons such as low memory, software glitches or outdated iOS or Android system software. Free up your phone storage and also update the software or uninstall problematic apps to fix the phone hanging issue.

Let's dive into our blog post to get your hanging phone back to its peak performance.

How To Identify If Your Phone Is Hanging

How To Identify If Your Phone Is Hanging

When your phone hangs you may face the following problems:

  • The display screen is unresponsive
  • The phone turns off on its own
  • Screen Freezes
  • Phone slows down
  • Apps may crash

5 Common Reasons For Mobile Phone Hanging

5 Common Reasons For Mobile Phone Hanging

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives by connecting us with the world and streamlining our tasks. However, it is common to encounter performance issues like phone hanging which can be incredibly annoying. By finding out the root cause of this issue you can easily reach an appropriate solution. We have described the 5 most common reasons for mobile phones hanging in detail below:

1. Low RAM Capacity

If you try to perform tasks with your low-capacity RAM smartphone that are typically handled by a higher RAM device then certainly your phone will freeze. For instance, if your phone has only 2 GB RAM and you try to run a game or software that requires 4 GB RAM. Undoubtedly your smartphone will freeze. The same problem arises when attempting multitasking on a low-RAM phone. The restricted RAM capacity becomes an obstacle to the smooth execution of multiple applications simultaneously.

2. Insufficient Storage

Insufficient Storage is the most common reason behind phone hanging. It is important to keep in mind that your phone will not work efficiently if you have consumed 80 percent of its storage. At least keep 25 to 30 percent of your phone’s storage free to avoid phone freezing problems. Regularly Clear Browser Cache. Uninstall all useless mobile Apps and delete unnecessary Photos and Videos. You should use an external storage device such as an SD Card or Pen Drive to Store your excess data.

3. Outdated Operating System

Smartphones rely on the operating system (OS) to perform various tasks such as management of hardware components and software interactions. When the OS becomes outdated it can result in performance issues and hinder the smooth operations of the phone. When your phone's operating system is not up to date, it may not be able to efficiently handle the demands of modern apps and services. This results in slow response times and frequent phone hanging. Moreover, outdated software can lead to compatibility issues with newer apps, causing them to crash or freeze.

4. Malware Software

Malware can disturb the normal operation of your phone and overload your phone’s resources which leads to freezing, slowing down, and even frequent hangs. Malware can enter a phone through various means such as downloading infected apps from unofficial sources or clicking on malicious links. Malware can execute harmful processes in the background which results in consuming valuable CPU and RAM resources. Your smartphone screen becomes unresponsive.

5. Overheating Of Phone

It is obvious for a phone to hang if it overheats. There are many reasons for mobile phones overheating such as faulty battery, multitasking, running of background apps and continuously using the phone for many hours. It will affect the overall performance of a phone. Avoid running too many resource-heavy tasks simultaneously, especially when the device is already warm. Manually close unnecessary apps running in the background to reduce the strain on the phone's resources.

Mobile Phone Hanging Solutions

Mobile Phone Hanging Solutions

The most suitable solutions to solve the mobile hanging problem are as follows:

● Restart Your Phone

This is the simplest solution but is often the most effective. Many hanging issues are temporary and can be resolved by powering off your device and then turning it back on. This action clears the volatile memory (RAM) of your phone and closes any malfunctioning background apps.

● Check For Software Updates

Outdated software can affect the overall performance of your smartphone. Make sure your phone's operating system and all apps are up to date. Manufacturers and app developers regularly release updates that include bug fixes and performance improvements. Keeping your phone updated can prevent hanging issues.

● Manage Your Storage

Insufficient phone storage space can slow down your phone and cause it to hang. Check your device's storage and delete all unnecessary files, apps, or media. You can also free up phone space by moving photos and videos to an external drive.

● Clear App Cache and Data

Some smartphone Apps accumulate cache data over time which can lead to performance issues. Go to your phone's settings and navigate to the app management section to clear cache and data for apps that seem to be causing phone freezing problems.

● Identify and Uninstall Problematic Apps

A specific app like smartphone games can sometimes be the root cause of your phone hanging. If the hanging issue started after installing a particular app then immediately uninstall it and see whether the issue is resolved or not.

● Safe Mode

To determine if a third-party app is causing the phone hanging issue or not simply boot your phone into safe mode. In safe mode, only pre-installed system apps will run and third-party apps will be disabled. If your phone functions normally in safe mode then it means a third-party app is likely causing the hanging problem.

● Factory Reset

If after trying all the above solutions one by one the hanging problem still exists then Factory Reset is the ultimate solution. A factory reset can often resolve stubborn hanging issues. But before doing so, make sure to create a backup of your data and documents as a factory reset will erase all user data on the device.


A hanging phone can be a frustrating experience for you. But you can usually get your device back on track with our troubleshooting tips. Remember to regularly update your software, manage storage, and clear the app cache to maintain your phone's excellent performance. By taking proper care of your phone and being vigilant about the apps you install can make your mobile phone experience more enjoyable.

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