Replacement Parts for Asus ROG Phones

Nowadays, smartphones are meant for a lot more than just making calls. They are the ultimate camera devices and the primary screen we watch daily. Every one of us spent a lot of time on our phones, but we don't all use them for the same things. Manufactures nowadays make all kinds of phones: selfie phones, ones with huge batteries, ones with slick design, and ones for gamers. ROG is a gaming smartphone lineup launched by Asus. They are one of the strongest phones available with all the best specifications made for the best gaming experience.

We can all agree that smartphones have already become a part of our lives. So the more we use them more possible accidents can happen. If you happen to have your Asus ROG damaged it would be useful to know where to find replacement parts. Today we will go through all the breakdowns and repair parts for your Asus ROG gaming smartphones.


Screen Replacement Parts

We currently have in stock all kind of display replacement parts for Asus ROG 1, Asus ROG 2, and Asus ROG 3. Asus ROG 1 Replacement LCD Touch Screen is priced at only $174.5 with taxes included. Asus ROG 2 Replacement LCD Touch Screen is priced at $245. And Asus ROG 3 Replacement Glass AMOLED LCD Touch Screen is priced at $258. Those screens are high-grade original type screens. Which means you get the Display with the same specifications as your broke one, same type, same refresh rate, same resolution, same protection,...

Charger Port

Charging ports are easily damaged, whether you dropped your phone or it just stopped working on its own, charging port malfunctions are really common. Replacing your charging port will cost you on average around $50-$90 but you can buy your Asus Rog 2 Replacement Charger Port Flex - Type C from us for just $28.

Back Glass Replacement Parts

Phones that have glass on the back like Asus ROG 3 do look better but they are also more fragile. Accidents happen everyday and if you have glass back smartphone its more likely that you will first break your back glass rather than display. And you must agree it do give a phone a fancy look. So if you happen to broke your Asus ROG 3 back glass you can buy it for just $108 from Fixo This saves you on average around $100.

Other Parts

In case you need some other repair parts you can check out all Asus ROG Parts we have available. We stock our replacement Asus ROG Parts in Fixo Australian warehouse. Parts will be dispatched the same business day provided the order is made before 3 pm AEST.

Fixo ship parts all across Australia with Toll and Australia Post. If you're a repair shop and want to see better pricing we recommend setting up a wholesale trade account. Wholesale Trade accounts come with added befits like tiered pricing, cheaper shipping rates, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne CBD click and collect and more.

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