Best Refurbished Phones Under $500 in 2024 |A Comprehensive Guide For Mobile Lovers|

Are you searching for the best-refurbished phones under $500? Refurbished phones are becoming increasingly popular. The reason is these phones are offering budget-friendly options for consumers.

Although refurbished phones are a great option for consumers to get flagship phones with money-saving. So in this guide we will look at the top choices available for the best refurbished phones under $500. Our aim in presenting this guide is to help you find the perfect refurbished phone that suits your budget and needs. Let's explore!

Best iPhone to Buy Under $500

Best Lightweight Phones Under $500

Undoubtedly it's amazing to see what iPhone you can buy under only $500. So if you are looking for a reliable iPhone without making your pockets empty let’s check these outstanding iPhones under $500.

iPhone SE (2020)

One of the best options is the iPhone SE. It has a fast A13 Bionic chip. So it's great for playing games and doing lots of things. Additionally its camera takes colorful photos and clear 4K videos. Plus it is small and easy to hold.

iPhone XR

Another best-refurbished phone under $500 is the iPhone XR. This iPhone has a big 6.1-inch screen. Now play more games and watch more videos. Moreover Its camera takes great photos and has a special mode for making portrait pictures look cool.

iPhone 11

Although you can avail the option for iPhone 11. This iPhone is fast and good for playing games and doing everyday things. And the best thing is it has two cameras that take really nice pictures and videos. Although the screen is big and colorful everything looks great.

iPhone 12

Similarly iPhone 12 is super fast and has a great camera with a special mode for pictures in the dark. However The screen is big and clear.

iPhone 12 Pro

Also the iPhone 12 Pro is another best phone under $500. This iPhone has three cameras for taking amazing photos and videos. It's really fast and big.

iPhone 8 Plus

Undoubtedly the iPhone 8 Plus is another good option. Because it has two cameras you can take detailed photos and videos. It's fast because of its A11 Bionic chip. The screen is big so you have lots of room for doing stuff like work or watching movies.

iPhone SE (3rd Generation)

Also the latest iPhone SE is fast and affordable with a camera that takes nice pictures. It is small and easy to use with one hand.

iPhone 12 Mini

Although the iPhone 12 Mini is a small but powerful option under $500. Its camera is perfect but the screen is small. But it still looks really good

However the above-mentioned iPhones are a great option for satisfying your needs. Also we must say that this is a great way to keep a trendy and updated iPhone without investing too much of your savings. Additionally these refurbished phones give your best value in price but top-level performance. Also the battery life and camera quality are really amazing. So now you can enjoy top features, best quality, high-class photography and trendy style. However in the further guide you can get the options for the best refurbished Android phone. So don't miss out on any further information.

Best Refurbish Android Phones Under $500

Best Refurbish Android Phones Under $500

Now we are going to talk about the best Android phone under $500. So we have some refurbished options that will give you great value.

Samsung Galaxy S10

So firstly a good choice for the best refurbished phone under $500 is the Samsung Galaxy S10. This phone has a nice 6.1-inch screen and a strong camera. Though it's a popular pick for people who like Android and want a good and reliable phone.

Google Pixel 5

Our second for the best phone is the Pixel 5. This phone is also a great option that can meet your budget limit. Also like the first one Pixel 5 has a good screen size which is 6.0-inch OLED. Its camera takes amazing pictures in any light.

OnePlus 8T

Furthermore you can big 6.55-inch screen and a fast refresh rate. That's the OnePlus 8T. it is a smooth and fast phone user experience. Additionally it's stylish and not too expensive. So it's a good option for the best refurbished phone under $500.

Google Pixel 7A

However the Pixel 7A is expected to have a good camera and work smoothly. It can be a perfect pick for fans of Android phones.

OnePlus 12R

The OnePlus 12R is another amazing phone under the $500 range. This phone also has the same amazing features that a flagship phone should have. So it would not be wrong to say The OnePlus 12R has top features at a reasonable price as a refurbished phone.

Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is truly a great hype when it comes to the $500 range. No doubt it is expectedly beautiful with a large screen and top performance.

Google Pixel 6A

Also you can look for the Google Pixel 6A as the best budget phone. The is fast to perform,  up-to-date software system and smooth plus amazing features.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Thus the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to be a strong phone with the latest features. For this phone consumers still could not believe that it could come under $500. Undoubtedly Galaxy S23 Ultra has all the amazing quality and features that you ever dream to buy.

So now you know both iPhone and Android options that count as the best-refurbished phone under $500. However in the further guide we will explain more specific options for the best refurbished phone under $500. So keep reading.

Best Refurbished Big Screen Phones Under $500

Best Refurbished Big Screen Phones Under $500

Anyhow if you like having a big screen for enjoying videos there are some good options for phones under $500. Let's look at both iPhones and Android phones with big screens.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is one of the best options with a large screen. It has a big 6.1-inch screen that's great for watching videos and playing games. Also iPhone 12’s bright colors and sharp screen details make it next level for display quality. Anyhow it is perfect for people who like using their phones for entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy A32

Also the Galaxy A32 has a large 6.4-inch screen that makes it perfect for gamers. However you can see everything clearly and with the sharp pixels. So have the Samsung Galaxy A32 as an option for the best-refurbished phone under $500 with a big screen.

Google Pixel 4a

Although the Pixel 4a has a smaller 5.81-inch screen but it still has amazing colors. So this phone is good for reading and watching videos. Even though its other feature features are also recommendable as the best-refurbished phone under $500 option.

Best Long Battery Life Phones Under $500

Best Long Battery Life Phones Under $500

Although long battery time is the ultimate need in this busy world. So if you are looking for a phone with a really long battery life here are some good options under $500

Samsung Galaxy A51

One of the best battery time options is the Samsung Galaxy A51. This phone has a strong battery that lasts all day on one charge. It works smoothly without draining the battery quickly. And also offers superior features such as a good camera, sharp screen and updated software.

Moto G Power (2021)

However Moto G Power (2021) is Known for its huge battery. This is the best phone under $500 that can last up to three days on one charge. However it runs on a power-efficient system and has a simple Android interface.

iPhone 11

Additionally the iPhone 11 has a powerful battery that lasts all day with normal use. although its smart chip and software make sure it runs smoothly and the battery stays strong.

Best Refurbished Mini Phones Under $500

Now there are beautiful options for those who love mini phones. These phones are good in quality and best for general permanence. So let's have a look.

iPhone 8

Even though it's a bit older phone but still apple company supports the iPhone 8. It is still powerful and fits nicely in your hand. Plus It's great for people who want a smaller phone without compromizing performance.

Google Pixel 4a

Another time great thing comes in a small packet. Yeah it's Google Pixel 4a! However this phone is small but has a really good camera. Moreover its screen is bigger than some other small phones but it's still easy to hold.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e is also a mini phone. It is on the list of best-refurbished phones under $500. Although has top features in a small size. Anyhow it's easy to use with one hand and has a strong processor and camera. So it can be a solid choice for people looking for a mini phone with top-notch performance.

Best Value Phones Under $500

Now let's look at the best value refurbished phones under $500. However the phone mentioned below is overall good and has all the necessary things that may need.

iPhone XR

This phone has a big screen, a powerful chip, and a great camera. Ultimately it's perfect if you want an iPhone that doesn't cost too much but has all the fantastic features.

Samsung Galaxy A52

Conversely Samsung Galaxy A52 has lots of cool features like a big display, a good camera, and a long battery life. Plus it costs a lot less than other top phones.

Google Pixel 5a

On the other hand Google Pixel 5a phone is known for its simple software and awesome camera. Additionally it also has 5G and a strong battery. The best thing is it comes on a low budget. So why not it can be a great deal for people who care about updates and picture quality.

Best Refurbished Stylus Phones Under $500

Best Refurbished Stylus Phones Under $500

So when you look for the Best Refurbished Stylus Phones Under $500 then these phones come in. Even though these phones are a bit older but still perform well and even cost you very little. So let's have a look.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Firstly the Galaxy Note 9 comes in the list. Although this phone is famous because of its S Pen. and no doubt it is great for writing and drawing accurately. Plus it has a big screen and works well for doing many things at once. Moreover the Note 9 also has a good camera, lots of storage, and looks elegant.

LG Stylo 6

Secondly the LG Stylo 6 has a stylus for easy note-taking and drawing. Although it has a big screen that's good for watching videos and doing other tasks. And the best thing is it's also affordable. That makes it a good choice for anyone who wants a phone with a stylus without spending too much.

TCL Stylus 5G

However another on the list is the TCL Stylus 5G. This phone gives you a decent stylus experience for the price. Plus its screen is big and sharp. On the other hand it has nice-sounding speakers for enjoying music and videos. Anyhow it is also one of the best refurbished phones with a stylus..

Best Stylish Phones Under $500

Now it's time to see some stylish phones under $500.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

So we must say that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has a sleek and modern design with shiny colors. Plus It's slim and simple which makes it stylish for people who care about looks. additionally it's powerful and has a great camera.

iPhone 11

Also the iPhone 11 has Apple's classic design with a smooth metal frame and glass back. No doubt it looks classy and comes in cool colors like Purple and Green. So it's a stylish choice that also works really well.

Google Pixel 4a 5G

The Google Pixel 4a 5G is also the best refurbished stylish phone under $500.  Although this phone has a clean and simple design with Google's cool colors. Plus it is small and easy to hold. So why this phone be a stylish and practical choice?

Best Decent Phones Under $500

Here are some options known for their solid features and everyday usability.

Samsung Galaxy A32

The Samsung Galaxy A32 is a good choice for its affordable price and decent features. plus it looks nice and has a bright display. Anyhow it has all the features that help you to work well for everyday tasks. Also give long battery time.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

However the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is a good option if you want 5G without spending too much amount. It looks elegant and has a smooth display. Also the camera is decent and the battery lasts a long time, so it is the best decent good for everyday stuff.

Best Durable Phones Under $500

Best Durable Phones Under $500

For all those who want a strong phone can buy one of these best-refurbished phones for under $500.

Cat S62 Pro

One amazing option is the Cat S62 Pro. This phone is made for use in rough and tough situations. It's a really strong strong phone. And it can handle being dropped or getting wet. Furthermore It has a special camera that can see heat. So that you can make your decision when need to work outside.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Also the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is strong and reliable refurbished that comes under $500. Similarly this phone also can bear being dropped and getting wet. Additionally the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has a special button that you can set to perform different tasks quickly. Thus you can have this best refurbished phone under $500 if you do a rough and tough job.

Kyocera DuraForce PRO 2

However the Kyocera DuraForce PRO 2 is another strong mobile phone for people who like outdoor activities. It also has a special camera mode for taking pictures underwater or in other tough conditions.

Best Lightweight Phones Under $500

Best Lightweight Phones Under $500

Here are some options if you like lightweight mobile phones. These phones are the best refurbished phones under $500 in the lightweight category.

Motorola Moto G Power (2021)

So The Motorola Moto G Power (2021) is really light and has a great battery life. Although this phone has a big screen but it's still easy to hold. It works smoothly and it's tough too. So it's right to say the Motorola Moto G Power (2021) is lightweight but a strong mobile phone set that can handle everyday bumps and scratches.

Nokia 5.4

Another phone in the lightweight category is the Nokia 5.4. This phone is also a good choice that works well. However it's not too big so it's easy to use with one hand. Plus it looks nice and works smoothly and it's got a good camera for taking good quality pictures.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

Lastly the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 is a slim and lightweight phone option. It feels nice and looks good with a shiny front and back. Nevertheless the screen is bright and clear and it runs fast. Overall it's the best refurbished phone’s choice if you want a light phone that still performs well.

Wrapping Up

So finally it's time to wrap up this amazing guide. We have discussed there are lots of different best-refurbished phones under $500. So we can say that there's something for everyone. This guide about the best-refurbished phones under $500 has options for all of you. Likewise you want a phone with a long battery life, a stylus for drawing, or one that's really tough, you will find it.

Furthermore you also can make up your mind about things like how fast the phone is, what features it has, and if the brand is good, you can pick the best one for you. We hope that With the right choice you can get all the cool things your phone can do without spending too much money. This is it for this guide. See you again in the next guide till then make a good choice stay happy and enjoy your new phone.

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