Are Refurbished Phones Good

Are refurbished phones good and worth buying? Learn all you need to know about refurbished phones in our informative guide.

A refurbished phone is affordable in comparison to a new phone. Another key advantage of buying these second-hand phones is that they come with a warranty of usually 12 months. It is necessary to check the battery capacity and duration of security updates of the refurbished phones before buying.

Here is a guide about all possible pros and cons of refurbished phones.

Why Should You Buy Refurbished Phones
Why Should You Buy Refurbished Phones

Let's take a look at the advantages of furbished phones:

Budget FriendlyBudget Friendly

We live in the age of modern technology, in which a phone with up-to-date features is necessary. However, dearness makes it difficult for us to buy premium phones. If you want to purchase a flagship mobile phone without breaking the bank, buy a refurbished phone. A refurbished phone will cost you a lot less than a new one.


You can buy a refurbished phone with a warranty of up to 12 months. This advantage gives an upper hand to refurbish phones over other used phones you buy from an individual seller. It becomes safe to purchase a phone with a warranty. If you find any fault in the phone, claim the warranty.

Safe For EnvironmentSafe For Environment

Reusing is one of the 3R strategies of environment conservation. You may think about how buying a refurbished phone can save our environment. The more people buy refurbished phones, the less will be E-Waste. It will keep our environment safe from the degradation effects of E-Waste. Moreover, using a second-hand phone can save energy and resources for manufacturing tech devices.

Cons Of Refurbished Phones

Just like a coin has two sides, refurbished phones have some cons besides pros. These may include:

1. Software Update IssuesSoftware Update Issues

If the phone manufacturer has stopped issuing software security updates, the phone is at high risk. Software updates protect your phone against security threats. Such a phone becomes vulnerable to hackers. It is sad to say that every year, many phones become useless due to security update issues. It is necessary to check whether a refurbished phone receives security updates, as it is a serious risk associated with used phones.

2. Battery LifeBattery Life

The sellers of refurbished phones often install new batteries in these phones before selling. Sometimes, the sellers do not change the battery of the phones. The battery life of a refurbished phone is less efficient than a new phone. As we all know, a battery's capacity decreases with usage and time. Therefore, check the battery life of a refurbished phone before buying. The simple solution to this problem is to change the phone’s battery.

Difference Between A Refurbished Phone And A Used Phone

Even though refurbished and used phones are second-hand phones, there are some differences between the two.

Refurbished Phones Used Phones
Have warranty No warranty
The price is higher than used phones The price is lower than refurbished phones
Chances of hardware and software risks are less Chances of hardware and software risks are higher
Well-known sellers sell refurbished phones. Sold by individual sellers.

Final Verdict

Refurbished phones are good in terms of affordability and warranties. These are two compelling reasons to buy refurbished phones. Do not buy a second-hand phone from an individual seller without a warranty. Always buy a refurbished phone from a renowned seller with a good reputation.

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