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Kindly read the terms and conditions meticulously before utilizing our website, purchasing our products or post anything on our social media pages. By accessing the website or services, you agree to be bound by these stipulations. This agreement governs your access to the website, and we might refer Fixo as the “Screen Care Pty Ltd”, “we”, “our”, ” “, “platform” or other relevant terms.

Our products feature warranties that cannot be omitted under the Australian Consumer Law. You are eligible for a substitute or refund for a significant malfunction and for reimbursement for any additional reasonably predictable deterioration or destruction. You are also permitted to have the items fixed or exchanged in case the products are not of suitable standard. In conjunction with the privileges and options you might have under the Australian Consumer Law, you may additionally be eligible for benefits under the stipulations of any alternative manufacturer’s warranties. The manufacturer’s warranties (if they are applicable to the items you purchase) will not, by any means, affect your privileges under the Australian Consumer Law.


We accept PayPal, credit and debit card for payments. The payment must be completed in advance and you must use a legit payment method. We do not allow users to use a bogus card or payment method to place an order. In the event we suspect that the payment method if not legit, we will cancel the purchase. We also reserve the rights to take a legal action against such users.

The user also understands that he/ she is responsible for the taxes, and the product prices may not include the taxes.

Website Content

We may offer some tips, tricks and advice in our blog section and a user understands that all the opinions, information, content and other materials posted on the website are for informational purposes only, and we do not endorse other products on our website. We do not sell personal advice, and all the remarks and opinions do not indicate the outcomes of any kind.

In the event you upload or publish information on our website, social media pages, blog or other platform owned by us, we reserve the rights to remove, edit, manage, publish, or transmit the content in any form, at our own discretion. We will not be liable for any problem arising out of the materials you post and you accept that you own the material you post, and will be accountable in case any legal activity is performed basis on the content you publish on our website.

We also reserve the rights to suspend the access in case any unauthorized activity is performed by a user/ customer.

Our Products

We may add additional products or remove a list of products anytime we want, at our own discretion. We sell only genuine and reliable products for iPhone, iPad, Google, Samsung, MacBook, OnePlus, Oppo and more, and assure that our customers get the best value for their money.

We always attempt to provide accurate information in the product or service listing, and all the prices are listed in product descriptions. You understand that we reserve the rights to change or modify the product or service descriptions at any time with our own discretion, and we may change the pricing structure in the future. We also add a special discount for some products and services, and in the event you use discount codes, please note, they are applicable for a limited time. We may not offer those discounts for our regular products or services.

Limitation of Supply

We make reasonable attempts to deliver your orders, however we cannot guarantee availability of the products. In the event we are unable to supply your orders, we will contact you and offer a refund.

Your Obligations:

You agree that you will not:

  1. Use our information, products or services for any illegal purpose
  2. Use malware, viruses or other damaging technologies to harm our material
  3. Try to compromise our data or collect any other user’s information without consent
  4. Upload any defamatory, libelous, inappropriate, obscene, hazardous or pornographic information, details, pictures or applications
  5. Submit or display any information, details, photos or systems that could breach any property rights of other individuals utilizing the Services
  6. Reproduce or resell our products for profits
  7. Use our listing services for any illegal activity
  8. Utilize our products, services or website if you are under 18 years of age
  9. Utilize automated programs to send spam emails to us or our users, or try to scrape or crawl any page of our website

You agree that you will be utilizing our products, services, and the information posted on our website only for legitimate purposes, and will not violate local, national or international regulations in any form.


Fixo is committed to providing exceptional products and services however we may post some third party ads on our website. We are not liable for any kind of loss/ damage arising out of the services offered on the website. We perform regular checks to ensure proper functionality of the website, so a user might notice temporary difficulties or maintenance errors.

Users also agree that the information posted on our website, which includes but not limited to, logos, graphics, content, images etc. are owned by Fixo or the associates, and you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, reuse or damage these materials. We reserve the rights to take legal actions in case we suspect that any of these materials have been modified/ changed. We also reserve the rights to change any section of our website, or this agreement, anytime we want, so it is your responsibility to visit our terms section regularly.

Liabilities and Warranties

Fixo does not assure that the information or content that is posted on the website or our social media pages will be 100% accurate or precise. We will try our best to publish error-free and accurate product or service descriptions; however we will not be liable in case an error or mistake is noticed. If you notice an error, please inform us and we will correct the mistakes. We do not warrant that the website will be free of malware, viruses or other harmful elements that could hinder your use of the website. Regarding the emails we send, we do not guarantee that the graphics or other HTML components will be displayed properly, and we will not be liable for any activity that happens while accessing the website.

We will not be held accountable for any damage or loss, health issue or breach of statutory emanating out of using this website, our products or services.
We do not make any guarantee that our products or services will fulfil all your expectations. We make reasonable attempts to deliver products that help you achieve your goals, however we will not be accountable in case you are not satisfied with the products. Please make sure you read proper information before ordering our products or services, and in case you are not satisfied, or receive a wrong product, please contact our customer support team.

Availability Of Products

The product availability may change anytime, and we will try to post the stock under each product description. If we do not have stock available, your order will be placed as backorder, and we will try to fulfil your order as soon as possible. In the event the product is not available, we will contact you for a refund or exchange request.

Price Protection Policy

We attempt to update our website regularly so that you are able to access our latest products and accurate pricing options; however we reserve the rights to change the pricing structure anytime we want, at our own discretion. You also agree that there could be an error or mistake in our pricing structure; in case you notice any mistake please inform us and we will fix the errors.


We try to upload high quality product images; however a user understands that the colours and visuals may vary slightly from the actual item. These photos are posted as a reference only. Graphics may vary from device to device and we are not liable for the slight changes due to your computer specifications.