Your satisfaction is our priority and we make sure you are satisfied with the products we offer. You can become eligible for a return, refund or warranty claim in the event you follow these requirements:

  1. Report the problems to our customer support team and ship the products back to us.
  2. Explain your problems and the possible remedy. We do not guarantee the refunds, however are open to handle your issues meticulously.
  3. Cease utilizing the faulty products.
  4. Make sure the appropriate care has been taken while the products are in your possession.
  5. Send a proof of your purchase while shipping the products back to us.
  6. Ensure you did not damage or break the products due to inappropriate use.

We suggest our customers to review all the details of manufacturer’s warranty and make sure that you meet those stipulations discussed in the document. We will not be liable for non-compliance with manufacturer’s warranty.

Refund Rejection

The user understands that we reserve the rights to reject a refund or return request in case the customer:

  1. No longer needs the products. For example, the customer finds a cheaper product elsewhere, or he/she changes their mind about the product.
  2. Uses our items inappropriately to cause damage.
  3. Alters/ modifies the product by trying to change the certain features or specifications.
  4. Is unable to provide us with a proof of their purchase.
  5. Or damages the product by not complying with care instructions


In certain situations, we may offer a conditional courtesy return in case the customer wants to exchange items purchased incorrectly. In that case the:

  1. Customer needs to inform us within 7 days of purchasing the product.
  2. Customer assures that the product has not been opened or used.
  3. Customer is willing to pay 20% restocking fee.

The user understands that the acceptance of these returns is finalized by us, and we may reject or accept at our own discretion.

Requesting A Refund Or Return:

You can submit your return or refund request by sending us an email, and our customer support team will provide guidance on how to return the products. If we find no any fault, we may charge a service fee and additional shipping charges may be applied. You understand that we may also charge a fee for the inspection conducted by a relevant authority. In case an item is found to be provided to you in full conformity with the Australian Consumer Law, we might need you pay to My Phone Parts all expenses related to returning the item to you.

How Will I Get A Refund?

We will deposit money in the same card/ payment option you used to place the order with us. All the refunds are processed in 7-10 business days, and may take longer if we need additional information from you. However, any return restocking fees the customer will need to pay.

Returning Goods

It is customer’s responsibility to appropriately pack the product before sending it back to us. As a customer, you also accept that the Company will not be responsible for the charges related to returning the products. In order to reduce the processing delays, we suggest our customers to request RA number (Return Authorization) and deliver your products with the approved Return Authorization number.
If there is any issue with warranty claims, you may contact the manufacturer directly in order to get warranty assistance or technical support.